LOCA plan is to unite our community for the betterment of residents and businesses to set a journey for a thriving environment. We are embarking on a committed path to ensure everyone who reside in our community have a voice contributing to the outcomes.

In addition, we are committed to the civic issues that impact community life in the City of Rochester Lyell Otis region. Our plan is to partner with agencies key to the revitalization needed to uplift this area.




We plan to build a community support model for programs by working with advocates, stakeholders, assembling local leaders, and assisting with funding meetings. LOCA's goal is to create programs for identifying solutions by bringing together residents and networking with local groups to promote change from the local level up and address issues such as homelessness and quality of life concerns.


LOCA is committed to sharing the Community Unity by attending and hosting events throughout the year.

We are proud of the community for sharing the spirit of hope as the LOCA team journey into new territory in the area for which we reside.

The future looks bright for us as initiatives are planned to increase engagement - your input is vital. Please let us know your concerns and/or events you would like to see in the community by completing our feedback form or email us at