Clean Sweeps 202222


The LOCA Team along with Cameron Community Ministries (CCM) conduct Mini Sweeps in the Lyell Otis region. This will allow us to collaborate and engage with community residents and business. We want the people to live here to come out and meet the LOCA team with an opportunity to express their voice on how we collectively bring and keep the neighborhood clean.


The LOCA Team Lead is Evelyn Irons (President) with two Co-Captains (Cheryl Walker - VP and Nafeesha Konate - Treasurer) on a Clean Sweep journey in the Lyell Avenue region. The team started at the Fire Station on Lyell Avenue with two sections to cover.

Lyell Region 1 - Lyell to Austin to Otis covering four side streets off Otis then reconvening at Lyell and Sherman. All teams participating will go down Sherman to Lyell then back to home base at Fire station.

Lyell Dutchtown Region 2 - Lyell (Clean Walgreens) then to Texas Street. Texas to Child. Child to Smith and Whitney back to Lyell (2 side streets) then back to Fire Station Home Base.